What’s the Best Streaming Live TV Bundle for You?

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The original assignment I received was to create a guide that helps shoppers discover their best-matched streaming live TV bundles and decide whether they want to cut the cable. After some research, I found out that all live TV providers list their channel lineup with dozens of logos on their websites, making it difficult for people to compare different packages.

Therefore, I collected data and built a comprehensive tool to compare TV plan pricing and channel lineups.

Final Visualization:

"Ready to ditch traditional cable for internet-based live TV that works across your home and mobile devices? We have analyzed seven providers, offering a total of 16 different channel lineups, to help you find a plan that meets your needs.

Select packages below to see how many core channels—60 of the most popular channels—they have, and how they stack up in total across categories including news, sports and family entertainment..."

Data prepared in JSON and visualized in Handlebar.js, CSS Flexbox and HTML Input Disabled

In order to provide a way to quickly compare packages, this project selected 60 of the highest-rated and most familiar channels found in current pay-TV packages. The tool also segmented each package’s available channels into six categories: network, news, sports, movies & entertainment, lifestyle & documentary, and kids & family. While many channels might arguably fall into multiple categories, we assigned the most applicable single one.

Desktop Version:

Data prepared in JSON and visualized in D3.js and CSS Grid

Mobile Version:

Data prepared in JSON and visualized in D3.js